@pkmn's unofficial APIs for Smogon's analysis, moveset, sample teams, and usage statistics data.

Smogon does not officially provide any API for third party developers, and is at liberty to make breaking changes to its internal data representations at any point - this project attempts to provide a stable way of accessing the data Smogon exposes on its site. Two packages are provided: contains several curated datasets pulled from Smogon and Pokémon Showdown which have been processed to allow for efficient batch access of analysis, sets, teams, and statistics data by format or generation. Analysis and set data is refreshed automatically every 24 hours as are sample teams, the best stats data for each generation is converted each month into @pkmn/stats's optimized output format, and information about Pokémon Showdown’s standard Random Battle formats from pkmn/randbats is updated hourly.

The API for these endpoints is documented though subject to change - developers relying on these endpoints should join the Discord to keep abreast of updates and/or rely on the latest version of the @pkmn/smogon package to simplify the data handling.

While this project's code is distributed under the terms of the MIT License and the aggregated stats information is freely available in the public domain, the set and analysis data is copyrighted by Smogon and its contributors.