The analyses API provides the analysis data without movesets from Smogon University's

This data is provided either by format, e.g., /analyses/gen9ou.json, or for an entire generation /analyses/gen9.json. In the first case the resource will be a mapping from species name to raw analysis. In the latter case there is an initial layer for each tier ID which when combined with the generation ID indicates which format the data is intended for.

The raw analysis contains the following:

The HTML returned by Smogon University has been sanitized to remove all anchor (a) tags with relative href attributes. Smogon programmatically adds links to other analyses the first time a recognized name appears in body of an analysis and these both do not work when not hosted on and are redundant as they can be added with post-processing.

The analysis data can be combined with the sets data accessible via the /sets endpoint - each set name key in the sets field is required to map to a named moveset.

A /analyses/index.json resource exists which is a mapping from each valid format and generation ID to a 2-tuple containing the number of uncompressed and gzip-compressed bytes each resource contains.